10 weird pets that are popular in 2021

It’s time for us to see what special animals are popular with people. They are cute and cute. axieast has selected. Let’s go check it out.

1. Hamster

Let’s start  with the hamsters , which are widely raise. Hams are classified as small mammals, rodents, and, importantly, have a very short tail. It called almost no long germinated tail, like a rat. I’m    home. Anyone who feels afraid of the tail of a rat can comfortably feed this one. The species of hams hamsters divided into 4 other subspecies:  Syrian hamster (Golden hamster or  Giant hamster), Winter white hamster, Campbells hamster and  Roborovski hamster.

Let's start  with the hamsters

2. Rabbit

Another popular option to feed is because of its cuteness. Fluffy fluffy hair and just a few front teeth are so charming that humans unknowingly dropped. For rabbits themselves, naturally, they are predators. Therefore, there is a sense. that sensitive to the surroundings to survive, including hearing sounds, smells, and eyesight that can be seen almost 360  degrees, and the hind legs, which are very strong organs. It can jump  1  meter high and plunge more than 3 meters, and since rabbits are social animals, many of them should be raised together so that they are not lonely.

For the most popular rabbit breeds, holland Lop, Netherland dwarf, Teddy Bear,  and Flemish giant are especially common.

  3. Sugar glider

This little one has a lot of names, some of them called sugar. Glyder,  flying squirrels, flying  kangaroos and Australian flying squirrels, named australian flying squirrels, are native to Australia. It belongs to an animal group with a belly pouch for raising offspring. Same group as kangaroos and koalas.

The characteristics of sugar glyder are mostly similar to squirrels, and they have rounded and rather paved eyes. Eye color is available in black and red. On the sides of the body there are fibrosis from both wrists to both ankles. This fibrosis is used to help glide or fly from branch to branch in nature. The tail helps to stabilize. Body weight is about  90-150 g. 

4. Desert Fox (Fennec fox)

The exterior of this fox has a very long auricle, which can be up to 15 cm long, with such a large auricle that it can be used to listen to the sound of the movement of the prey at night. The hairs are creamy white throughout, as they are native to the Sahara. Located in the north of Africa, it must be camouflaged naturally and harmoniously with its habitat environment, giving the fox a hair color that is similar to the grains of sand in the desert. When matured, it weighs only  an average of 1.75  kg. The body size is  24-40 cm long and has an 8-inch tail, an average life expectancy  of 12 to 16  years. 

5.Chameleon Bearded Dragon

It is similar to a regular lizard. It has a brown body, alternating cream-colored stripes. Nowadays, people are cultivated to have a color that is different from nature, either pure red nor pure yellow. When the adult is full, it is 16-18 inches long.  Some breeders can breed and develop to a length of up to 22 inches. There are small scales and thorns. And the spot where you    are called beer, ded, dragon, or bearded dragon is located on the sharp thorns under the neck, spreading and expanding when you are shocked, excited, threatening enemies, fighting.